4.30am. I was supposed to go to bed like 5 hours ago but here I am cause I couldn’t get over a stupid iPhone game. Spent 4 hours playing 200+ games to hit 4-digit score and swore to never touch this game ever again. Sigh, priorities.

Have so much F7&8 to catch up on but what am I doing with life!!! I feel obliged to accompany the mother to the gramps’ but zzZ I really need sleep + would rather stay home and hopefully study. :(:( Mock exams are in a month siaoooo stress I know nothing what IASs what IFRSs what ISAs whaaaaaat and I really wanna do well for P1 cause I got 57.5 for PT and turned out I got the highest in my group hahaHAhAhahAHA wtf joke sia this group. But thanks for the motivation 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Am so broke for the month and I’m not even half way through March and I’m running out of stuff sigh pls intro home job eg “Single Mother Earning $4000 per week From Home! Find Out How!” tengs.

Actually just rambling while waiting for blackhead strip to dry and I think it’s dry kthxbye!!