It’s been months since I last spent a Sunday afternoon alone.

It’s 3.40pm and I just watched a couple of episodes of AOD downstairs, procrastinated with my phone, made myself cup noodles, and am ready to get down to studying for this Saturday’s CITS final exam – then it rained. It would’ve made a really nice emo moment to study and listen to nice music but ugh ants. It’s been raining everyday here for a couple of weeks (I think?) now so the poor ants’ homes are destroyed and they are frantically looking for new places to settle down and I feel sorry for you but not in my room little insects, no. Spent yesterday putting citronella oil literally everywhere so that these ants hate my room but why are y’all still here T.T My room already smells like an insect repellant factory sobs please just go :(:(

Also I have so much to catch up on and yet I cannot get myself to start studying because yikes numbers and figures and debits and credits and audit standards and CG codes codes codes. Sigh.

On a brighter note, the brother just went for undang test this morning. Hope he quickly gets his license so that I can get a new car heeeheeheeeeee. Much eggcites.

Also read a weird af webtoon yesterday it was so weird and at the same time hilarious that I finished the entire series at one go. And it got me very conscious about my dead skin so I spent a really long time scrubbing in the shower. Everybody please read this.

Also need to stop falling sick 😦 My immunity has plunged millionfold ever since I got my wisdom tooth extracted (I think). I am very broke can I not have to spend money on medication dear immunity please be good thanks.

Blahblahblah have an arg essay to work on lols when was the last time I actually wrote an essay hmmmmmmmmmm bye.



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