It’s been a million years since I came up here because I’ve been too tired/caught up with other lame stuff to do any serious thinking at all. While fixing my wild brows/blow drying my hair just now (ikr), I just suddenly came to understand a lot of things a lot more clearly than I thought was possible. At this moment, I am immensely thankful for a lot of people that I’ve been blessed with. For most of my life, I have always had people that aren’t family members that care(/d) a lot for me. Maybe this is why I still have problems being completely independent. Being aware of the fact that I have very often pushed these people away makes me feel like shit though. Nonetheless, their efforts in continually trying and caring makes me want to cry because what on earth have I done to deserve all this love (nothing, I’m shit).

I’m ridiculously¬†blessed I should be really happy I should really be really really happy.

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