Chow down.

My current jam: Lion King soundtrack.

Quick update from where I last left off:

29th of April – So thankful that everything went smoothly :’) I was so worried that things weren’t gonna go according to plan and everything was gonna get fucked up somehow and that I’d end up feeling shitty and inadequate that I was actually super stressed out. I’m glad you went home happy!

2nd of May – Class party! It was super short and early and wasn’t all that exciting but it wasn’t too bad I guess. (I wanted to talk about how freaking hilarious it was that somebody’s pants ripped but never mind.)

(Too lazy to get the photos up because I wanna talk about Lion King.)

Spent the Saturday doing nothing much besides slacking/eating/sleeping/watching movies. Just finished watching the entire Lion King trilogy and my favourite is still the first one. But the last one is the sweetest! So glad I wasn’t watching it with someone I’d be awkward around ’cause I was literally spazzing throughout the movie. I remember us “watching” it in the cinema. I miss you.

Mufasa is so hot.


5 days to A Levels. ( dead )


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