Living in make-believing.

Wednesday and I’m already all worn out. Spent half the day in college just sleeping through lectures/going out for lunch. The only class I actually did anything at all in was probably math. Sigh. Really got to get my shit together and stop being so lethargic all the time! Productivity has been plummeting since last weekend and at this rate I’m so fucking up A2.

I can feel my throat dying from Pepper Lunch. Guilty pleasure because I finished up the entire serving. 😦 Fat life. Also, I finally took the first step towards repiercing my earlobes! Did a RM10 second piercing on my right earlobe and it was surprisingly not painful at all. Even those that I used to do at 77th Street hurt quite a bit and the sting went on for quite a long time but this one was just like a quick pinch that got quite itchy afterwards. Other than that there’s no blood whatsoever so far wow. Really hope it heals soon so I can do a third and on the other side too!

On my way back today as I was falling asleep in the car, I saw what I thought was an angsty motorcyclist kicking at a car probably ’cause of minor stuff like the driver being rude or whatever, but turned out it was the infamous car-window-smashing robbery! *gasp* I’ve heard a lot about it but I had never actually witnessed it happening until just now. (I’m making it sound like I saw the sea monster, I know.) The bike passenger took a huge (freaking huge I swear) hammer-looking thing and smashed a Kancil’s side window and snatched a backpack at a traffic light queue. Our car was approaching and joining the queue as the entire event unfolded and wrapped itself up nicely in a matter of seconds. My mom didn’t even notice! Poor girl whose bag got snatched had a red patch on her face and she looked so traumatized. 😦 Really hope she didn’t get slapped or anything. 😦 Anyway I was actually scared shitless myself because my bright pink longchamp was right there by my feet posing vulnerably as a victim of such crimes. No more bags at the seats!





A reminder to myself (and my lovely friends that read this – if I told you about this blog I trust(ed) you enough to invite you into a private part of my life that is ironically public so I care about you)(even if you found this from stalking me, I love you too because awww you wanna know about me?)(tip: talk to me) :

A little kindness goes a long way.


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