Suitcase full of nothing.

Who decided that it’d be great to separate the driver from the front passenger with cup holders? 


Went to help out with tomb-sweeping with mom for her uncle yesterday. I don’t believe in burning stuff for them – just because its original form disappears in the fire it doesn’t necessarily reappear in hell fire for the deceased – but I just helped out anyway. I guess the point isn’t really in making sure that the deceased aren’t poor and/or hungry in hell – what makes you think they couldn’t have gone to heaven – but more in remembering them, and that’s beautiful. I walked around reading what was carved on other tombs and found a few that would be around my age if they were still around, and a few more than were born a couple of years later than me but never had the chance to stay around long enough to even start school. It made me sad.

Pretty much did nothing for the rest of the day even though we reached home before my usual waking hour. Went to bed early at 1-ish wanting to wake up early at 9+ today but I ended up waking up at 11+ anyway. Sigh. Woke up generally depressed and everything is shit and I just want to go back to bed. With my phone WiFi and data off, I tried doing a bit of math while munching on some Pocky but even Pocky isn’t making me feel any better. 😦



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