Just a teenage dirtbag, baby.

Hello! Been super unproductive these few days camping in my living room just switching between HBO and Cinemax. 😦 A2 is in 30+ days. 😦 😦 What am I doing with my life?? (answer: eating a cupcake)

A special somebody dropped by today with cupcakes and Pocky! Hehe. Been craving for cupcakes like crazy!





Having my 2nd cupcake for the day and I feel so sinful. 😦 I swear I will stay up to finish like, 2 math past years! I guess 6 cupcakes are a lil too much ’cause I hate to pick (which ones to eat and whether I should gobble them all up on my own or offer them to my brother ’cause I’m such a selfish glutton) and also I can’t keep them for that long. (Just get 3 next time babe :P)

I feel like a lump of fats.

Time to be hardworking! (Lolz honestly hope I do not end up sleeping/watching a movie/discovering new music/reading a book/tumblring/idek man)



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