Irretrievably lost.

If you could just extract your mind out of the rest of your being, you’d see how much more obvious what your decisions ought to be. They’re bright yellow ducklings right by your feet screeching at the top of their little lungs, flapping their still developing wings violently to attract your attention. Sadly, you’re often terribly distracted by the constant whispering of your emotions. There they are, vibrant adorable creatures right in front of you, but you’re hoping for something you think would be just a few steps away. Far too often, your emotions aren’t sober enough to give directions, but you listen to them anyway because until the moment you find yourself landing in a deep ditch with a hurting bum, you refuse to believe that there isn’t another sensible way around this.

There’s no point in wasting more time and efforts. I saw it right from the beginning, but I just refused to acknowledge it. The truth has always been there, and everywhere – screaming along the sounds of cars honking, shining through the lights at the traffic junctions, sitting on the webs the little spider in my room patiently weaves, appearing right in front of my eyes, engraved to the back of my brain. 

It’s about time.


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