Long arms.

Unofficially entering the third day of our last semester vacation and it feels like I haven’t stepped foot in college for an eternity already. (Not that I miss it a lot.) I still haven’t gotten a satisfying >12 hour sleep yet but I really do hope that happens soon. Been spending most of the past two days on 1Q84 and I guess I’m glad to extract my mind out of this reality and temporarily deposit it in a world of fiction, especially one that I find pretty enjoyable. I started on Thursday night and I’m about a quarter through Book 2, which means I’m almost halfway through the book. I myself am quite surprised by my progress, because the reason why I let it sit on my shelf for two years was because I thought I would need an awfully long time to finish the book and I wanted to reserve it for a holiday long (and relaxing) enough for me to finish it in one go. I usually take a terribly long time (weeks, sometimes months) to go through the dreary, confusing introduction of Murakami’s books but this time round it was unusually easy. The book is getting really creepy though and I’m not sure if I’m really liking that aspect of it. I don’t know how/why but Murakami’s books always manage to make me feel like a psycho/lost about life, especially immediately after I finish the books. For an extended period of time I’d feel confuse about everything around me and involuntarily detach my thoughts from reality. It’s pretty crazy, but it’s addictive. I absolutely when books do that to you – draw the entirety of you into the plots and leave you lost and aimless when you reach the end of the book (which would most typically leave you hanging).

So far I’m pretty disturbed by the death of Ayumi and the disappearance of Kyoto (because these are thrown at me almost consecutively????? Like hello I need an emotional break I cannot handle this) I’m actually pretty scared to continue reading ’cause it’s 1am and I have a bad feeling that everything is just going to get creepier and creepier. Also I need to wake up (relatively) early tomorrow.

I’d say that I hope you don’t find me weird/nerdy/geeky but then again I probably have no shit to give about any opinions you would have of me lolkbye.


(also fucking hate how I can’t remove the border for images anymore?? or at least I haven’t found out a new way to do it ugh WP pls.) (I sound like a certain bimbo I know.) (I suppose bimbos are supposed to be pretty or at least decent looking but to be pretty honest she’s not that close to the latter…) (Fine maybe I do not sound like a bimbo I know then.)


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