Just finished reading Zacharie by John La Galite and it’s sending chills up and down my spine.

It’s basically about a 12 y/o diabetic boy that started a lot of “investigation” around his apartment because there were consecutive cases of women being murdered and he was afraid that his singled mother would be the next victim. He crept around with a pair of binoculars and stalked most of the men around the apartment. He got a new male neighbour one day and he obviously started stalking the new neighbour as well. I still can’t decide whether the new guy was a spy or not. This new guy had something on with the boy’s mother but somehow he ended up paralyzed after an accident. His mother was a nurse and so offered to watch after him during her off hours. This boy was jealous and worried that his mother would be too tired so he offered to help during his holidays. He ended up befriending the guy and have secret conversations with him even though the guy did not talk around other people at all. The boy started an entire investigating project, sneaking into people’s homes to look for evidences and then discussing it with the guy. The guy said that the day when the boy finds out who the  murderer is would be the day the guy leaves and dies. On the last day of the boy’s holiday, he was sure that he knew who the murderer was, and the guy said he was ready to go. The boy turned off the ventilator and the guy died. In court, the boy claimed that the guy admitted to being the murderer and even led them to find the evidence to that. The boy ended up in a mental hospital not only because he killed the guy but – here’s the plot twist – the guy’s vocal cord was long broken. GASP GASP GASP GASP GASP like how the fuck did the boy imagine all the conversations???????? The storyline fast forwarded to when the boy was in his thirties and jobless and still living off his mother, except his mother left him when he was twenty-three because she came across his creepy diaries and found out how he was madly obsessed with protecting her that he did all sorts of things, and also how his imagination and hallucinations have gotten the better of him, and she couldn’t take it anymore so she left to live for herself and only send him money monthly. It was Christmas and he visited his only neighbour left – an old widower. He invited the old man up to the rooftop to show him something but he ended up pushing him off the balcony because the old man was actually the murderer like what the fuck. He went to the old man’s house and faked a suicide scene and went back to living his life of wishing for his mother’s return and playing chess on the computer. One day, he died because he was getting too fat and his blood circulation went mad while playing chess on the computer.

What the actual fuck.

Creepy creepy creepy. Typing out a summary just made me go through the entire storyline in my head again and it’s getting creepier and creepier. Boohoo. Oh and the author is a PhD in Molecular Biology of all things?? Whatever do smart people think about man??


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