If that’s what you want.

Second day of Trials! So shitty so far. Fell asleep multiple times during Chemistry P4  yesterday because I was so bored from making shit up to fill the lines up. Mathematics P3 wasn’t really what I’d call a piece of cake but I guess it was manageable. The questions were challenging enough to take my mind off things/people that were pissing me completely off the universe and I guess I felt better after the paper. Came home and had a good shower (despite water crisis shh) followed by a comfy nap (despite double shot cappuccino). So thankful for a day of rest tomorrow (despite water crisis zz) and am super glad that we only have Chemistry P5 on Thursday (afternoon, double yay!). Hell will come next Monday (Biology P5 + Psychology P3) but it’s okay ’cause that’s like, 6 days away! I haven’t started on Biology at all (it’s okay) and Psychology ….. lol (but it’s okay).

On a side note, I dreamt of having a puppy yesterday when I took a nap and now I miss my non-existent puppy like crazy and it sucks so bad that I can’t even actually see it in real life (because it’s non-existent, duh). I almost had this crazy impulse to actually get an actual puppy but then I remembered that in my dream I nearly killed my puppy because I forgot to feed the poor cutie food and/or water. Once it nearly died of dehydration and I had to soak its entire body in water (osmosis??) before it came back to life. (Also I thought of how I was such a terrible owner to poor Mikey. Sorry Mikey. I miss you, Mikey. 😥 ) Spent an entire afternoon on Google Image trying to find a picture of a puppy that looked like the one in my dream and the closest ones are:


The pictures are all of such shitty quality but I swear mine was super cute!!! 😦 I miss my (non-existent) puppy! 😦

And yes I was never ever a dog/puppy person I honestly have no idea where this came from.



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