Dancing in the dark.

Hello! I’m back from a long hiatus! I’ve been really lazy and also busy but it’s CNY eve and there isn’t food yet so I thought I’d do some updating over here. (warning: this is going to be a long post)

I had a pretty fantastic week. Received 4/5 conditional offers on UCAS and the last one is still pending. (Not that I can actually go but it’s comforting to know that I made the cut.) AS results also came out on the 24th. It was a Friday, hence early dismissal. Took my time to come back and then lazed around before following mommy out for manicure. Got messages from people about results not long after 2PM but I didn’t want to check my results using my phone even though I had my login ID and password with me. Got home at 4ish and I was afraid that the system would be down but it wasn’t. Got my results and I was happy. 🙂 🙂 Nothing like “I wish I tried harder/ started earlier/ paid attention in class etc” and that was probably the first time I was that happy with my results. (I didn’t study hard.) (What’s new?)

A few days before my birthday, I came home to a parcel addressed to me. The neat handwriting on the top of the box made me think that it was my instax films from Bella so I didn’t pay much attention to it until I saw…


I was like whaat? *followed by uncontrollable laughter* and then I decided to properly check out this hugeass parcel:
Aww Gladi :’) So cute hahahaha.
For the entire week I was really sad (and mad) that somebody kept saying that he can’t make time for me on my birthday because he has other commitments (read: CNY shopping with the mother). Even though I suspected that there was something fishy going on (he wasn’t acting like his usual self when I said I’d be going out with someone else), the nearer to the day itself, the more I felt like it was just me subconsciously wishing that there was some conspiracy between them two.
On the day itself, the cutie called me at 12am sharp to sing me an off-tuned birthday song. Got a bunch of “am I the first?” wishes and finally went to bed at 2+AM. Went out for brunch with the parents and found out that my dad apparently did not know that it was my birthday. Best Dad Award. (Or maybe he was just acting, I wouldn’t know. Best Dad Award anyway.) The brother got me a cake (it was good ^^) and we had a brief celebration/photo-taking session at home. (Got a big angpow too, like literally – the packet is huge.)
Here’s a picture of the cake because I looked terrible in all the other pics and I only posted on Instagram because it’s small and blurry and un-zoom-able.
Lazed around some more after that before getting ready to get picked up by the babe. She was like, an hour late and it got me really suspicious because 1. she stays super near me, 2. she doesn’t seem like the type that isn’t punctual, 3. being late is so somebody else’s style and 4. ………check this screenshot out:
This girl was texting me the night before and telling me that she couldn’t see me on Sunday because she had to go back to Seremban. Genius.
Anyway, so after I finally got picked up, the route was familiar and I more or less knew what was going on. (Also saw the boyfriend’s car as we were parking.) What I didn’t expect was the amount of people that was there. There was the entire class (minus bitches minus weirdos)!!!!
photo 4
And there was another mini surprise, too! A day late for her birthday but she wasn’t forgotten!
It was an amazing night and I’m so, so thankful for these two. Did I mention that he baked the cake? I feel like such an inadequate (girl)friend.
Presents! (from the classmates + spot that hugeass angpow)
photo 2
Featuring my favourite present(s):
photo 5
They are from my favourite people, duhh.
The brother’s birthday was 2 days later (and way less exciting but it’s okay I don’t even remember my 14th birthday). I only have one picture to post (and it’s only because I love how small I look in the picture lol). It was like 11pm and my makeup was on for like, the 16th hour and I was also falling asleep.
CNY vacation started yesterday and we went out for a very eventful brunch (for the first time after knowing each other for a year):
went out happily...

went out happily…



there goes 50 bucks (each). :(

there goes 50 bucks (each). 😦

So yeah, that was one expensive brunch: 

Happy CNY eve!

Photo on 1-26-14 at 6.11 PM #4


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