Last surprise.

Hello! I’m back from Taiwan after an entire week of cold and shopping and fun. I’ll come up with a post for that some other time after I sort out my pictures. Just landed in Malaysia at 4am this morning. Rented a van to send 4 of us (+10 pieces of luggage) home and I wasn’t even surprised when we were ushered to an old, dirty and noisy vehicle that looked like it went through at least a decade of hardship because that was how I knew I was home. I dozed off almost immediately after we left the airport because I only managed to sleep for an hour during the flight. I was woken up not long after though, because my return home was destined to be drastic and memorable – the van ran out of diesel (so did the 2 petrol stations he stopped by) and we were basically left stranded on the emergency lane of the highway at 6ish in the morning. It was hot and stuffy in the backseat of the van and the fact that I was wearing a uniqlo heattech shirt underneath a long sleeve knitted top wasn’t helping at all. I was dying. (even) Long(er) story short(er), after an hour plus of waiting in paranoia, the driver managed to hail a taxi for us and yay we got home at 8+. Simply fantastic! (Super kiddo narration oops.)





(My MBP basically just froze on me twice in a row (even after I restarted) and photos from my phone don’t go into iPhoto automatically anymore. Ugh, life.) (I actually had to carry on with this post on the next day.)

Happy New Year!


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