I want a ukulele! It’s so cute I’ve seen so many cute colourful ones everywhere but I don’t know how to pick a good one. 😦 And I also I need to save up for it but I have like 25 bucks in my wallet hah hah hah.

One day late but: AS is over! [insert confetti emoji x100] Finally! I was so tired of exams by mid-Nov that I gave up studying already. Now I have a huge stack of past years (70% untouched) and I can’t decide whether to bring them to the recycling centre already or to keep them for another 2 months before we get our results (what if I have to redo AS).

On another note, I am eating really cute Xmas gummies! They make me happy hehe. I tried to take a picture but my phone camera is too shitty to do the details justice. (So I ate ’em.)

Book our flights to Taiwan earlier today! I feel like I haven’t gotten out of Malaysia/Singapore in forever. Excited!

Got a call from Hult BSchool in the evening just ’cause I did like … 10 SAT math questions on their site. Mom told me to be careful ’cause it could be a scam (because why would a top ranking BSchool call me up to offer scholarship opportunities a day after I scored 7/10 for a random math test). Did some googling and I’m pretty much put off by all the negative reviews. Boo.

Did I mention that my one and only MUFE brow pencil is still underneath my bed and that I’m devastated.




Seriously dying from all the emails that Sephora/Sigma/Nasty Gal/Urban Outfitters etc are drowning my inbox with.

Dear Santa, 
my X'mas wishlist: a credit card that doesn't bill me.
xoxo xtina 

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