This Is The Trouble With Love

Thought Catalog

It was his teeth that did me in. Perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth. No matter the context, no matter who I was with, every time he smiles or laughs I melt so deeply that I feel like a puddle in my shoes.

There was this one time that we were playing chess and the game was beginning to get very intense. After my move, he studied the board so fiercely. His eyebrows were furrowed in such a way that it perfectly lead my eyes across his forehead and down his nose, right to his mouth. I was studying the impeccable lines creased into his bronze skin when he looked up, right into my eyes. He laughed at me, and then he smiled at me. “Checkmate.” My heart has never felt so full since that moment.

He has his problems, though. He’s struggling with himself, his lack of motivation. He just…

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