Heaven is where we make it.

I’m exhausted.

Just submitted my UCAS application earlier this evening (because I only realised that the deadline is tomorrow like, this morning). Had to edit my personal statement and fill up my last choice. Reconsidered my options and took Durham out because … it sounded boring. Making decisions on my own was stressful and stress-free at the same time (’cause I get to pick whatever) and I guess besides Bath, which is like my 1st choice, I don’t really care much where else I get into as long as it’s fun. So uh, if I fall short of Bath’s A*AA -snickers-, AAB should get me into my other options pretty safely (I think). Mother couldn’t understand why I am settling university applications when I’m not even done with AS but like, when was she ever aware of academic decisions I make, right?

Now I know your priorities. It’s not too late, yet.

I wish you would dive deeper in, to swim further for the chest of treasures at the bottom of the ocean. The heart of the ocean awaits you, but you’re still paddling near the shore trying to convince both of us that you’re trying your best. You don’t understand.

I am so tired of studying my brain is just screaming STOP at the sight of books.

I’m exhausted. 


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