Why don’t we just pretend?

Just spent the entire day updating my softwares (’cause apparently Mavericks didn’t install the last time I tried to upgrade it like maybe last month) and clearing my mac ’cause my mac has become super slow. Finally cleared my trash (though it hurt a little but we all gotta learn to let go) and also my iPhoto trash and also duplicated files. Deleted like 2000+ files off my mac and came across a lot of weird stuff like old pictures that I totally forgot taking/saving. Saw this picture of myself back during O’s and totally went “omg I am so much fatter now!??!?!” so yeah, I got hungry and ate some more because what is life.

Started listening to a bit of M&tD again, too! O levels music. I am missing the good ol’ east coast days. Sigh.

Changed all my backgrounds and the upgrade is pretty refreshing and recently I got myself a bunch of new music. I shall stop dwelling in nostalgia, too! Time to start afresh (though ironically at the end of the year but hey better late than never) and cherish the little that I have right now before I regret letting these things slip away from me one year from now. I suppose back in my east coast days I thought life was pretty bad but guess what – I miss it now! So maybe, just maybe, if I get away next year, I might miss my life right now (however ridiculous it sounds at this moment) so I guess I might as well live it to the fullest right now and stick to my goal of making these 2 shit years count! Anyhow, I always have God to thank for bestowing upon me wonderful blessings (you) in my life to make it more bearable. 🙂

Wow this is probably the most positive post in a very long while.

Exactly one month to Christmas Eve! A reminder to start counting my blessings and learning to be a vessel that empties myself to be filled again.

Can’t wait to have a legit Christmas-y Christmas! Just wait till I get out of this country!

Omg I feel like crying hahaha fml.



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