This girl is on fire.

I am currently annoyed at everyone and everything and I feel like setting the world on fire ’cause every single thing is pissing me off and this is fucking annoying. My room is so hot. My AC is leaking and I switched it on anyway so if it leaks later and if I have to clean it up I am going to explode into flames of the brightest red. I’m feeling so yucky and sticky but I can’t shower yet because then I’d be getting even more annoying at everything that screams GERMS in my head, which is practically everything on earth. I feel like I’m a burning ball of heat and it annoys me even more that the rest of the world isn’t burning down to their ashes yet ugh. I have no appetite for actual food (but I have to shove actual food down my gut because life at home ugh) and I just want to drown myself in a sterilised ice room with like tons of germ-free pastries and ice cream and everything unhealthy and comfort cuddles on demand but now the last thing I want is cuddles it’s so fucking hot omg rain ice please but would the ice be clean damn it I’m just so annoyed okay.


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