Never get enough.

You may just stop right here if you don’t wanna be raising a questioning brow at my (about to be spilled all over this post) whiny-ness. (Or if you don’t wanna be reading what sounds like a 14 y/o whining about her reproductive organs and inability to sneak a boy into the house.)

This may not be very appropriate (or nice to read lol) but this is my blog and I say what I want (#mileycyrusstyle) so if you chose to read this (and if you know darned well the likelihood of me writing this so that you can see it is below 0.00000001%) don’t get all disgusted and judge me ’cause I give less fucks about your opinion than the number of dick(s) growing out of my body.

Woke up way too early this morning and went up north to send the gramps home with the family. Had a not so awesome lunch, found out I created a Jap flag, dropped the gramps home and made our way back. Completed 2 Biology P1s throughout the journey – most productive day since last week after the double papers.

Got home sick as hell with a stomachache and cramps. What could be worse??? (Except for childbirth because children are here to take over everything yours including peace and painlessness in life.) Got a cutie delivery boy to drop me my books and to give me comfort hugs and now I am needy as hell. My hormones are killing me. I want to get back in that car and snuggle up in that nice solid hug and bury my head in that chest and sniff that fresh-smelling shirt and hug that solid body tight and never let go. And occasionally get my face scratched by stubbles but it’s okay ’cause with every scratch comes a kiss and everybody loves kisses. Reality check: I’m sitting at my desk typing pathetically on my macbook because life sucks. Also, I feel like shit and I want to cry because e m o t i o n a l. I also want brownies and cookies and anything chocolate-y and sweet and preferably warm such as hot chocolate but the last I checked we only have freaking chicken curry at home and it doesn’t take a psychic to foresee another diarrhoea and 4 hours of writhing in pain and rolling around my bed and cursing the universe as well as every receptor of mine that is capable of transmitting impulses to my brain to tell me that I am in pain.

I hate life can we rewind time and go back to an hour ago please and thank you whoever that can make this happen.




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