The simplest of love songs.

Hello! It’s only 1348 (and I woke up less than 4 hours ago) but I’m already dozing off. Listening to emotional music and basically allowing my soul to suspend in an ocean of emotions. Speaking of which I read an article about how there are different kinds of boredom and I think I probably get this apathetic boredom quite often, or not.

Got kicked out of the house at 9am yesterday and had to resort to doing minimum amount of makeup in the car (with whatever I could grab hold of before getting kicked out) outside my house because I have the best mom ever. Angry driver drives angrily and uh, thank God the road was quite empty and I didn’t get myself into an accident. Solo shopping for a list of things after I left college in OU and my shoes were totally killing my feet. Also, I’m so broke. Wish I were rich. 😦 Good lunch with the bumblebee and then watched Thor! Someone explain to me what happened lol I totally do not get the movie, possibly because I wasn’t paying full attention but I guess even if I did I still wouldn’t understand the Loki part????

Did I mention I lightened my hair last week?

Reality check: 7 months to end of A2, 9 to A2 results, 10 to beginning of September semester, and 38 to adulthood.

Everything is happening too fast and too slowly at the same time! I’m excited and apprehensive. Okay, more excited.


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