Blue and alone.

It’s 7.20am and I’m wide awake typing away on my macbook. Just woke up from a nightmare of me forgetting to lock my car door and it being stolen as a result. I was frantically searching for my car in the parking lot hoping that it was just me forgetting where I parked it but I ended up catching a team of car thief openly stealing other cars. I demanded for my car and ended up chasing a guy till I ran out of breathe and woke up with I Hope You’ll Be Missing Me (Like I Will Miss You) by The Perishers playing in my head like some sort of funeral song. I’m listening to it now, and for once I’m listening to the very muffled lyrics and it broke my heart to realise that this song is really way sadder than I thought it was. This is not my first time dreaming about losing my car in a mall but as a Psychology student, I refuse to believe that this is a sign. However, as a Christian, it would make sense for me to say that it was a sign from God. Nonetheless, I’m still driving out today and I hope my pikachu will still be there when I come back.

I suppose this is sad but I don’t quite get it and I don’t think I wanna watch it again cause I’m going to get terribly emotional:


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