If you must die, remember your life.


This day has finally arrived. Finally. Chemistry & Psychology P2s are over! Now we only have the P1s left and they are 15 days away. (Who cares about MCQs when you can rot away after being a walking dead for more than one whole month?!)

Efforts put into Chemistry wasn’t really worth it … The paper was just weird. I’m glad I actually (almost) completed Psychology though. I don’t think I would have figured out another point for the paragraph I left out even if I had another 10 minutes anyway. I’m just gonna go ahead and call Psychology a good paper. I’m hoping I’m not being overly confident.

Now that I have no more papers to study for, I’m feeling completely lost in life. Pathetic or pathetic? Spent the entire night clearing my study table (one can only imagine how messy it was) and now it’s nice and clean and so is my ledge. #domesticated

Maybe I should work on my personal statement tomorrow. Yeappp.


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