Smoke and mirrors.

It’s Saturday. I have less than 2 days before I have Chemistry P2 to deal with. Not to forget Psychology P2 (very) shortly after, on the same day. I have 10 more chapters of Chemistry to go through, and I have yet to start on past years at all. Am I screwed or screwed? So far I have only done the first few chapters (easy peasy pumpkin pie chapters) and the major bulk of memorising has yet to be done. I have like, zero sense of urgency. I haven’t touched Psychology at all since P1 and I was barely prepared for it. I spent yesterday night dealing with UCAS stuff (which probably won’t come to good use if I fuck AS up) and writing a personal statement on why I want to do Global Financial Management (I don’t really, nope.) in an international university in London. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I guess I really just want to get away pretty badly.

On a side note, I dreamt that we broke up and I had 2 babies (as in infant babies) to deal with and I was still in school and it didn’t strike me that I have to feed them. I think they nearly died. (I ended up feeding them apparently spoilt milk afterwards.) It was an extremely traumatising dream, no shit. The babies were cute though. Like, excessively cute. (Must be the genes, duhh.) I think they were so cute that they were almost … furry? But afterwards they turned into paper bags. 😦

Now that I have reminded myself of the fact that I have very limited (or should I say totally insufficient) time to prepare for my Monday papers, I shall get my ass off WP and tumblr and get going.

Here’s a cute kitty:


(This is one of the fastest post I’ve ever done. Wow)


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