Went for lunch with the parents and their friend after a terrible Chemistry P3 (I didn’t even finish sigh what is life) and got my fragile self-esteem crushed when dad expressed in an extremely matter-of-fact manner that he doesn’t think I’m anywhere near “pretty” in my faceOuchNot that I think very highly of myself but ouch did you really have to do that I already had a bad day. Got home sleepy as fuck but ended up watching random videos on Facebook and that was one hell of a terrible decision. I came across a really old video of a guy trapped in the elevator for 41 hours (I didn’t know about it because when it went viral I wasn’t on the Internet yet). I was so traumatised that I couldn’t nap after that and I was going crazy. I was disgusted as hell I thought my head was gonna explode and that I was gonna die. Spent more than half an hour rolling around in bed with the video haunting me until I decided to get up and search about it on the computer. Turned out the guy wasn’t actually dead (which was a relief) and that the video I watched was a parody that was supposed to be funny but it seriously wasn’t funny at all?! I guess the video itself really wasn’t so bad but it reminded me of a lot of stuff I’ve seen in the past like 120 Days of Sodom and Room etc and … I don’t know man I was just so traumatised (I still am) and I feel like throwing up.

Am I overreacting?


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