You could be happy.

Happy Friday! (not that it was a particularly happy one for me lol.) I’m so lethargic. 😦

Met up with HC and Sharyn at MV yesterday! No pictures because … I don’t know maybe too mature for that lol. While waiting for the very late girl I went solo shopping and got a couple of pieces that I am quite happy with hehe. Can’t wait for post AS outings so that I can wear them out (I don’t know why this sounds so childish). Also, I finally got a necklace after so long. My previous one (my only one) broke. 😥

if you can't see this pic you're missing out

Just check out how inappropriate the pendant is.

I am actually quite self-conscious about posting a selfie but I guess I kind of feel particularly shameless today.

Also, I got the prospectus from University of Surrey (that I requested for so long ago that I wasn’t even expecting it to come anymore)! They printed my name and address on it which I thought was quite cool. Am I too easily fascinated?



I feel like I’m burnt out already. Can’t believe I still have the entire AS Chemistry syllabus to cover. Save me.


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