But I really don’t mind.

Hello! Just did my 3rd AS paper (out of what, 10?) and it feels like the holidays already. I have basically completely lost track of which day of the week it is after 3 weeks without lessons. I don’t even know what am I doing with my life.

Psychology yesterday was such a crappy paper. 😦 I invested so much more time and effort in it than I did for Biology (which most people deem as a more “important” subject just because it’s a traditional subject + the fact that we are in a bioscience class but this is discrimination against Psychology as a subject which stems from mere categorisation). Anyhow, I guess I don’t regret not spending more time on Biology ’cause it probably wouldn’t have made much difference to this paper anyway. Just a couple of questions (though they carry quite some marks lol) that I wasn’t so sure of but it’s okay. (Hopefully.)

Been constantly reminding myself to not be blinded by selfish desires but to do this with the right intentions – to glorify His name. I know that trusting is the thing to do, but it could be hard to at times. I’ll still try, though.

P/S: I miss seeing Proverbs 3:6.

this may seem like some sort of black humour, but look deeper

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