Living without.

Hello y’all! Excuse my long hiatus, and thanks for tirelessly checking back (or do my stats lie to me *gasp*).

Life has basically been dull. I’m only writing this because I felt compelled to (and also because I switched on my mac to write the next post). The most interesting thing that has happened recently was probably Scott’s birthday dinner yesterday night, which involved a lot of bitching. Everybody loves to bitch.

here's a HD picture of my sirloin steak under perfect lighting

here’s a HD picture of my sirloin steak under perfect lighting

meet my grumpy boyfriend

meet my grumpy boyfriend

AS is in 9 days. I want to cry.

Also, I have gained like 210184782 pounds since last month because my recent daily routine basically goes like: eat sleep study sleep eat eat sleep study sleep eat sleep. By the end of AS I am going to a fat and ugly piece of failure.


HELP. (is it illegal to post this I hope not)

Zero thoughts because I’ve been too lazy to think. (Just kidding, more like I don’t want people to misinterpret stuff I post.)

With reference to the video above, nashville is one of my favourite Instagram filters. #justsaying

Have a great week ahead, lovelies. For those of you who are over and done with promos, have fun y’all while I die suffering. (But when y’all mug read hard for your finals next year, I’d be over and done with A levels. Just trying to console myself, ya know.) For the other stalkers, feel free to drop me a message anytime to make me feel loved because life is really hard right now. Cash donations are appreciated as well. Email me for my paypal account. Thanks.

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