I was full of doubt and you believed.

No exam day! Overslept and woke up at 11 this morning. The renovation going on next door involved drilling so loud that we couldn’t hear ourselves talking so dad suggested that I studied elsewhere. Settled down in bux (it was really nice) and noticed the girl me and HC were staring at in TGIF last Saturday. It was really awkward ’cause I was wearing the exact same shirt. I hope she didn’t recognise me… Unproductive day with me tearing up several times but I’m not about to go into details. Bleh.

Speaking of last Saturday, here’s a collage that I think actually looks better than the one on my Instagram (honestly I have no idea what I was thinking when I posted that one):



Haven’t talked to Sharyn in a gazillion years! It was some great catching up. I miss wayffles and FCNN and the indos too! 😦 (hi @hypocriticalcoward I know you’re reading this HAHA I miss your food boohoo and I miss your drunk face when are you gonna come over and cook for me then we can have some good catching up over a lot of alcohol 😦 ) And I miss my one-third of 4I (lol sorry the other two-thirds love y’all too) and all of a sudden I missed Bev earlier today (hi bevvy are you reading this!). Nostalgic day oops please do excuse me.

I really should be studying Psychology …



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