Let’s go wait out in the fields with the ones we love.

It was a little bit awkward coming back to WP with an unfamiliar layout, but I was pleasantly surprised by my site stats. Just a shoutout to those that cared enough to check back on this little hole on the Internet despite my month-long hiatus, love y’all. 🙂

I don’t even remember the last time I was on my laptop. I guess the iPad really took care of a lot of the stuff I used to do on my laptop that this poor aluminium baby got neglected for quite a bit. And of course, I did stop myself from going on my laptop a little before semester exam but I doubt that it made any difference at all to my productivity.

Speaking of semester exam, well everybody can stop asking me about it because it was a big fuck up. I was nothing near ready. I didn’t even do the last minute cramming that I used to do. I pretty much couldn’t be fucked about it and well, I sure fucked it up nicely in the ass. Untimely distractions came into the way and I got carried away. I knew I was gonna regret all of it, but when did I ever listen to my sane self?

Updates, updates. Hmm.

At this point of my life, with (not too much, just like how much I used to have would do) liberty, I would declare my life as close to perfect as it can get. College is fine, in the sense that I’m contented with my social life. Even though college is small and I don’t exactly know a lot of people and am nothing near the top of the social hierarchy, I’m glad for the kind of company I have. Quality over quantity, always. I’m happy with the friends that I’m blessed with, no complaints. Academics wise, I wouldn’t say I’m doing well and have no problems coping at all, but I guess I do have a stronger foundation than many others around me, and that gave me the privilege of being able to slack a little more for AS. Gotta get my nerd on soon! Soon enough, really. Yeah. I guess. Uh.

I really want to start reading again soon, but there are books that I haven’t finished (’cause I can’t get myself to). 😦

It was almost too good to be true, but that was before it started to wear away.  


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