And the walls kept tumbling down.

I would really like to write about this weird physics/philosophical thought that came to me a few days ago but I have LAN test tomorrow so, no.

So, we have our Malaysian Studies final exam (yeah, final exam in April) tomorrow, which is kind of surreal to me because I haven’t sat through a single Malaysian Studies class that I actually paid attention to yet but I found out earlier today that we already had our last lesson 2 weeks ago. 😦 (Or maybe I’m not sad?) But well, I do love Malaysia and I do feel kind of bad that I wasn’t taking the subject seriously, though I can’t imagine anybody taking the subject seriously at all, but that’s out of the point. I hate how patriotism is a thing mocked at here in Malaysia, like it’s “weird” and “strange” and even “sarcastic” to proclaim your love for this land. Having lived out of the country (though I was a mere 1.5km from the Malaysian border) for a quarter of my (so far still young but still)  life, I did come to appreciate this place a lot more than I was brought up to. Despite the complaints that we all have, and I’m not saying that I’m an exception, this place really ain’t that bad, at all. As a matter of fact, I do find it, in some aspects and to a certain extent, pretty lovely. After all, it’s home.


Driving test tomorrow as well! Went for a brief (very brief) practice after school and uh, I kind of suck at … everything. For the first time ever, I screwed three-point-turn up. I also took forever to do parking, not to mention descending backwards down the slope countless times like a loser. Also, my engine stalled in the middle of the road in front of one of the 12904 bumps. 😥 I think I am getting worse at this ’cause I vividly remember myself being a lot more better at everything this time last month. 😥 I hope I don’t have to retest ’cause I don’t wanna skip another Tuesday ’cause I love Tuesdays. 😦

That was one sad paragraph. 😦

Maybe I should get back to Malaysian Studies. By the way, haven’t done this sort of memorising ever since I gave up studying for Social Studies from the textbook. Ah, good ol’ days. Just gonna study for Section B ’cause I only need to pass, right? Terrible attitude, but. Teehee. ^^

(I would’ve uploaded a video of somebody falling off a stool but nahh I’m too angelic for that.)

The GIF reminded me of how I nearly got knocked down by a car this morning when I was crossing the road ’cause I was still half asleep and I couldn’t judge the distance between me and the car and so I thought the car already passed me but it was really just passing me when I stepped out. I think I gave the driver one hell of a shock. Sorry. 😦 And that didn’t even wake me up. No more 2am Skype-ing on college days, yupp.


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