Only know you love her when you let her go.

Hello! Finally went out to see the world after being stuck at home for an entire week.

NOKIA Lumia 900_000276


Got picked up at the airport and had a little catch-up session with my ex-roommie (as if we haven’t been catching up but still) in the car. Went around MG doing IPUs (fine, 2.) and SBJs (and I’m as bad at it as always) and said hi to laoshi and tried the overpriced smoothie and collected our certs and yearbooks and now I have zero legit reason to go back. 😦

NOKIA Lumia 900_000278

bad picture but this is the only one I’ve got 😦

KAP for lunch! Waited for forever for BJ but at least she came ^^

NOKIA Lumia 900_000280


NOKIA Lumia 900_000282

she looks like a tranny here

Okay I’m prepared for questions like “who’s that pretty friend” yeap I am come at me.

Took a bus (after forever) to ion and met up with Fab and HC (but I don’t have a picture so I’m just gonna steal from HC’s insta). Aww I missed these cuties. Intense updating session bout exes and relationship affairs on our way to the airport. And okay I have to mention how annoying it is that butches have perfect skin and they “only wash it with water” and as my dear friend put it we, on the other hand, “spend so much on maintenance”. 😡

yes, this is a screenshot.

yes, this is a screenshot.

Excuse my face over there. 

Went around hunting for Ziploc at the airport and ended up buying a pack of 25 just so that my $94 mask doesn’t have to be confiscated. Met up with the wayffles for quick dinner, which was very quick. 😦

NOKIA Lumia 900_000285

wayffles love

NOKIA Lumia 900_000296

can you tell that she was crying :’)

Nearly missed my flight ’cause we spent so much time being emotional outside the departure hall. Ran to the gate (which luckily wasn’t as far away as my last flight but still far) and I was the last to reach and the woman was like screaming at me and got my adrenaline all pumping. They had to stop the bus (that takes the passengers from the gate to the faraway plane) that was almost leaving to let me board the bus, which was slightly embarrassing but the bus was filled with business-looking people so I didn’t give much of a shit. So yeah, that was one hell of an experience.

Might go out and meet my babies tomorrow so I’m a little excited! I mean, it’s been an entire week!


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