Heart in wire.

Day 4 of mid-semester break and I’m bored to my death. The only thing I’m looking forward to right now is my Tuesday trip down to the little red dot. Excited! I miss KAP. (Maybe I should bring my camera?)

Been spending >22 hours in my room daily I think I am turning into a snail. Discovered a baby cockroach yesterday night (this morning, really, at 2am) and boy, was I terrified. Sprayed an insane amount of insecticide and closed the toilet door and that little bitch still refused to die. After half an hour of battling I decided that insecticide wouldn’t work on it and that called for an arson. Had to staple Subway serviette (who knew this would come in so handy, right?) to my paper cause my paper just wouldn’t catch fire properly and threw it near the bitch to kind of grill it to death. Had a hard time cleaning up as well cause I obviously wasn’t gonna wrap that bitch up and dump it in a bin cause who knows what would happen in the night, right? Flushed it down the sewage (but it was a little too big for the hole so it took me quite a while) and my toilet still smells of burnt stuff now. That was one big project. Nonetheless, achievement unlocked because this is really my virgin cockroach murder.


What was that even supposed to be? Changed your mind? Okay, got it.


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