Never trust a happy song.

Contributing to the reasons why I don’t like to be at home: everything is my fault, never yours.

I’m so glad Bio lecturer wasn’t here today (even though it was because of an unfortunate event that she couldn’t be here) because that meant that the initial 6 consecutive hours of lessons were cut down to 3. Hehe. I was gonna actually get some work done at the library before going home but ended up having an unexpectedly epic/weird/fun conversation with ma two broz. Before John joined our conversation, me and WK were actually having a serious conversation and I was all like wow. Things he was saying were actually so mature and I was just all like awwwwwww nice guys still exist???? ’cause he was actually being so mature and sensible and practical about the relationship. I was so impressed. He’s just so patient and nice and genuine despite how he usually presents himself ie another uncouth attention-seeking dude. I don’t know what this girl is waiting for. Just take him already man. I’m jealous over here (not that I’d be interested in him but yeah). But he kind of reminds me of somebody and now I feel bad. 😦 The time just wasn’t right. (I was leaving!) I’m sorry. (I know you’d be reading this. Yeah, you.) On a side note, people are homophobic 😦

Kind of just spend the past half an hour attempting to do the cup song thing which is super old but … yeah. If I can figure out how to upload an audio maybe I will upload it? Heh.


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