Some people, some people.

Hello! It’s been long, hasn’t it?

There was this early V-day/CNY (lol I know right) “celebration” in college today and there were roses everywhere (for everyone but me because #foreveralone) and the most unexpected people get shitonnes of roses. Self-esteem level: -1000000.

Some photos from LAN:

It’s whatever you think it is.

Mindy is so cute okay. ❤

I don’t know how to rotate a picture on wordpress. Oops.

Just Skype-d Tung ❤ Awww I miss you too :*

Read for yourself.

Read for yourself.


caramel! (pardon my nails)

Found those yummy in my fridge. Hehe.

College is generally getting better (social life wise, not the workload) even though I am running out of outfits because home is boring and I’d just be looking for people to Skype with at home anyway.

On the other hand, I am really having problems getting my shit together because I just cannot sit still. Sigh. Image = gone.

Can never get shit done, but what’s new?

Anyway, this is a damn cute song I heard on the radio this morning and I got so emotional and was the verge of tearing while listening to the lyrics because it’s so sweet and because I have issues.


No but really, it’s so sweet. :’) The video makes the :’) even more :”)





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