Calming glitter jar: Tutorial + Tips&Tricks

Hello! After much procrastinating, I finally got around to complete my glitter jar project. Here is a tutorial/tips&tricks for everybody!

Image 28-1-13 at 9.07 PM

What you need:

  • Glitter glue
  • Glitter powder
  • Airtight glass jars
  • Stirrer (could be a spoon/glass rod/pen)
  • Super glue
  • Hot water
  • Patience

What to do:

(I strongly suggest that you do this in your bathroom.)

1. Clean your jar. 

(I personally do not recommend a big jar because that means you need a lot of glitter. And I mean a lot. That sounds like a lot of work as well. But then again, it’s up to you, really. )

2. Empty your tubes of glitter glue and glitter into the jar. 

(I used the small 5oz jars from IKEA and I used 2x10ml glitter glue + an extra packet of glitter for each jar. I added some transparent glitter glue in each as well, just for the stars. I recommend that you fill 1/3 of your jar with glitter glue/glitter powder.)

3. Add hot water till near the brim. And I mean hot water, not just warm. 

(The hot water helps to break up the glue globules faster because … of the faster rate of reaction. I’m not about to insert a chemistry sort of explanation here so yeah, hot water.)

4. Cap your jar, shake vigorously. Vigorously, I reiterate. 

(This helps to break up the glue faster than what I read off the internet – stirring. That’s what I did with my first jar and boy, it was a hell lot of work.)

5. Use your stirrer to break up any remaining glue globules. 

(This might or might not be hard work depends on how much glue you put in. Extra shaking could help.)

6. Optional: Wait for the glitter to sink completely and decant the water. 

(You might or might not want to do this. I did this to get a less murky end result. For mine, some of the glitter just refuses to sink + the glue-y water tends to “stick” some glitter to the inner side of the jar like how dried up coffee leaves a stain in your cup sort of stuff.)

7. Add hot water to jar. 

(Shake again if you still have little balls of glue. Actually, just shake anyway. Open the jar after shaking and you might find some bubbles. Pour more water gently to displace the bubbles or you could scoop them out with a spoon. I prefer the former ’cause it’s easier, less hassle.)

8. Wait for glitter to sink. If you’re happy with how it looks (no glitter glue globules, suspending glitter, glitter stuck to the inner part of jar etc), apply super glue to the cap of the jar and seal your glitter jar forever. 

(You could add food dye to the water if you like! I didn’t ’cause I didn’t manage to get my hands on any sort of dye.)

And there you go, pretty glitter jars. 🙂

Image 28-1-13 at 7.45 PM

Image 28-1-13 at 9.06 PM

Image 28-1-13 at 9.05 PM

Good luck! And you’re welcome! 🙂


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