Had a good facial at Giza and came back to find this:

Image 26-1-13 at 4.26 PM

Image 26-1-13 at 4.19 PM


Awwwww. Dad was just like “I was just thinking of buying a cake… Quick, cut it! I’m so hungry.” Yeah.

Anyway, I was looking all crappy with a bare face so I’m not about to post pictures of me and the cake. Maybe just a pic of my chubby arms with the cake.

NOKIA Lumia 900_000064

Look at those fatty stuff.

Today shall be a graphic day.

NOKIA Lumia 900_000053


NOKIA Lumia 900_000055


I really want a Fiesta.

Anyhow, that’s all I have for you for now! Love all you lovelies ❤




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