Gold coast.

Hi. A proper post, promise.

It is something like 1+ hour to my birthday (not that I really give a shit and nobody else does anyway) but I’m really just feeling like shit. If I could collapse into a pile of shit and decompose I would.

Gone are the days.

It’s been 2 weeks and honestly I have no idea what I have been doing at all. This is all too suffocating. Contraints. Like how they keep a wild, adult lion in captivity. I can’t breathe. My brain is getting more and more fucked up, stuck here. I don’t know if I can pull through.

One does not just transform into someone else.

My problem is that I cannot simply runaway with 2000MYR and an O level certificate and survive. How long more? 

This is not what I wanted.

They’re giving up. They are what I’ve been feeding on, my oxygen tanks.

I just want to get a life.

Truth is, I suck at keeping my promises. No proper post for you. Nothing. Fuck. Fuck everything.


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