Empty Days.

Hi. I am being extremely emotional right now because I just spent the past hour looking at pictures of pretty girls on the notorious facebook. Feeling like an ugly lump of shit right now. Why are some people so pretty? Life is so unfair. Hold on for a second while I drown in my Pacific Ocean of tears and misery.

I actually spent near to 1000 MYR on CAL books. I am going to study hard and earn a lot of money so that I can afford good plastic surgery. Set.

A brief update: school is okay and I signed up for a bunch of ECAs yesterday but dad doesn’t seem pleased with the idea that I have club activities during non-school hours because he doesn’t see the point of having a pretty record. This will be a little bit difficult. And dad is an extremist when it comes to racism so I have to just pretend that my social circle here is 100% Chinese. But the cuties are the non-Chinese…

Anyway, I am still being all miserable about being fugly okay bye.


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