Driving me home.

Hi! I am actually in college guys this hasn’t really hit me hard. My.

Drained my poor printer’s ink over 2 days because there is everything to print on our own. I am so stressed up by these people in my class. Why are they so hardcore I think I am in the TCSH version of 3R’11/4R’12. Help. Half the class is cute and nice and all but seriously why are you doing math during LAN on the second official day of lessons?! Chillax man (you, not me). I expected the FYE talk to be fun-ish but jeez, it was a total “YOU BETTER WORK HARD LIKE A BITCH THAT YOU ARE OR YOU’RE GONNA FUCK UP AND GO TO TAYLOR’S UNI WHICH I KNOW YOU DO NOT WANT TO END UP AT SO GO FUCKING STUDY NOW AND MAKE UP YOUR MIND ABOUT WHAT TO DO 10 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD. NOW!!” thing. Sigh.

I am starting to doubt whether I am really going to need these expensive books.

This is too hardcore for me. I need to breathe.

Anyway, been so busy lately. And headache about what to wear, everyday. Consolation #1: this girl in my class said that I wore a nice bottom (pink topshop jeans) ^^ ; Consolation #2 : lol no scratch that it totally made my day:  this cute girl from my class looked up at me (on the escalator lol I am not that tall) super kawaii-ly and innocently with this mega-cute smile and went “you are so beautiful :)” OMASLKFNDSASKLNFMWLKNF. Hehe. I was high on that compliment for one full minute. I am so touched okay this is the first time ever somebody told me that so sincerely that I actually thought that maybe I am not a fugly monster after all. Then I felt bad for judging her Betty Boop shirt yesterday. :/ Sorry!

Wrapped my psych and chem books. I am so bad at handicraft stuff. My psych book is like a freaking dictionary but thicker and heavier. Quoting SH, it’s “thicker than a bible” but it is apparently “more detailed” but like duhh what do you think they write about in this thick shit with an ultra small font size?

I am so fucking judgmental hahahah shit 2013 resolution #fail.



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