As cold as 3.

It’s 4AM and I’m sitting here at my table typing away on my MBP while scooping away at a cup of yoghurt before dragging my big fat lazy ass to the shower. Woke up countless times over the past 7 hours and I really can’t decide whether it’s because I wasn’t tired enough to sleep at the first place or my subconscious self is that scared of missing the flight. I don’t really think I’m all that anxious about the results because the reality barely hit me. My mind has been thinking more about buying duty free makeup than the results lol I am such a shallow bitch.

I can’t quite imagine what would happen if I really fucked up. To think about it, I kind of threw lit away. Combined humans is a definite death. Mom was actually asking me if I’d fail any subject and actually I’m not too sure about combined. Okay this is getting me really anxious I really shouldn’t do such things at such hour.

My stats have been pathetic ever since I removed my link from twitter. Just the way I like it. Therefore, peasants, stay tuned for explicit contents.

There’s actually a picture of febreze on tumblr I don’t know what the fuck is happening to the world.


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