The breathe I’ve taken and the one I must.


Like it’s all a dream. Like it’s a shell I’m living in. Like I’m acting out a written scene. 

Recently hooked to Matilda by ∆. I don’t even get what the song is really trying to convey but I guess nowadays not all songs try to convey something.

Here’s a joke to brighten up your day (it just came to my mind):

Yesterday I was Skype-ing with Bella while listening to songs and Across The Universe came on shuffle and since we weren’t really talking about anything at all, I went “I like this song. (I actually really do, very much, just saying) [insert guy codename] sent it to me.” and she was like “Really?! Awwwwwwwww. It’s quite nice eh!!! Did he sing it and play it? He can play the guitar too?” Meanwhile, I was laughing so hard (silently of course) so I just forced out a neutral-sounding “Yeah” while she spazzed for a while. Talk about gullible people. It’s alright, friend. Love you too, bee/meimei (omfg). :*

Do you ever wonder if birds ever wonder why we don’t fly?

The media is totally bombarding people with a set perception of romance, all over the world. I was flicking through TV channels and let’s just say that besides the news/sports channels 90% of the shows going on had got something to do with romance. Romance movies, romance dramas, romance-comedy dramas, blind date reality shows and a bunch of other stuff that involves some sort of suggestive relationship between at least one male and another female, of course the number of people involved varies to achieve various desired effects, in various languages, by people of various races and nationalities. And people question why the younger generations “mature” (they really just mean getting into so called beyond friendship relationships and perhaps sex) earlier and earlier and everybody pushes the blame onto the Internet since the Internet can’t speak for itself anyway. However, as a matter of fact, these people actually do contribute to the storage of information on the Internet as well. Also, see how it’s always between a male and a female? Romance does not necessarily happen only between two of opposite genders. You don’t shout equality when you don’t dare to screen it. What did the dictionary say about hypocrisy again?

On another note, it seems that the results probably won’t be out on the 10th? Since SEAB has yet to announce it and it’s already the 5th. I kind of doubt that anything will be announced tomorrow as well since it’s a Sunday. It’s hopefully on the 12th even though it’s quite unlikely. Seems like I might not be getting my results on the day itself! 😦

And people, you do not need music on your blog because that just scares me away because I obviously have better music playing. I mean, even if you really think that the world needs to know that you have such impeccable music taste *rolls eyes*, I’d really appreciate it if you place your pause button somewhere prominent and instead of making it some minute triangle amongst a chunk of text. Make your pause button big and beautiful, and thanks a lot for making life easier for me. In return, I will check your blog out, okay? Deal? Deal.

Let me insert a video to amuse you. It’s a makeup tutorial but that’s not the point. She is so cute and funny.

Okay I just watched this:

She was skinnier in the videos I watched so I actually got a small little shock.


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