Would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

Hello! Today was as unproductive as all the rest of my holidays have been. Spent most of the day on tumblr and my tumblr is at the verge of becoming a sex blog. Not a good news because my tumblr “theme” changes with my mood so uh … okay this is getting NSFW.

Watched the thai movie that Tung asked me to watch:


It sounded like any other lameass typical love story kind of thing (judging from the title and thumbnail) so I wasn’t exactly very enthusiastic about watching it. But I did anyway for Tung because I’m such a nice friend. ^^ Spazzed through the movie in this sequence: feeling embarrassed for the girl -> hyperventilating over how cute the guy is -> yelling at the sudden unexpected change of the girl’s appearance -> hyperventilating over how cute the two of them are -> hyperventilating over how sweet the guy is -> complaining (to nobody and everybody) about how unfair it is that it’s never going to happen to me (not that I really want it to happen to me/ that there’s even a chance of it happening to me anyway since high school days are over but it’s more about how cute Mario Maurer is) And so I spent 30 minutes cooling down after the show. (Went to the toilet midway through the movie and found myself looking like I just had 3 pints of beer – red hot, oops.) So yeah, not the best candidate to watch a movie with because I squeal through the movie and usually constantly grab the arm of person next to me (in this lonely case, Mick’s entire being).

The brother is away at BB camp. So I see somebody is having a lot of fun with all these orientation stuff going on while I rot at home and eat when meals are served and go back to blogging afterwards with short TV breaks. Life.


So there’s still hope in humanity, it seems.


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