Let it be.

I was actually gonna sleep but …

This guy is fucking insane you have all my admiration for the day.

Watched Water For Elephants and :’)

Oh and I watched this Hong Kong movie about this guy that married this national athlete and she gave up being an athlete because she got diabetes but the guy knew that she really wanted to join the Olympics so he went to find a coach for her and secretly paid for all the expenses and meanwhile he made the coach lie to her that she was sponsored. Then he took care of the house and kid and everything and got laughed at because he was like a SAHD but because he loved his wife so much he didn’t care and all he wanted was for her to fulfil her dreams. Then he died. The wife worked and trained so hard just for her late husband and she made it and I was like :’) :’) even though I am not so sure who took care of the kid when she was training but that’s not the point because it’s a movie but :’)

And earlier in the day I watched 50 First Dates which I thought was like a lame scandalous romance movie kind of thing but I was so wrong. Towards the end I was just like :’) :’) but I actually didn’t finish watching it and have no idea how the ending is like because there was dinner 😦

Too much unrealistic romance for one day.

Watched ANTM and 😥 (Why is Helena still there since they “don’t like mean girls”? Rachel 😦 I love Aastha and Stephanie they are so hot/cute and I’m saying this in a non-sexual way.)

Actually dreamt that I got 2 A1s and tons of Bs and Cs for O’s. I was terrified (when I was dreaming) and I was so scared and I didn’t know how to tell my parents. I hope it doesn’t happen I don’t know how I’d react.

And this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 11.10.03 PM


It’s not out on the official sites i.e. MOE and SEAB sites so I don’t know how reliable this piece of information really is. If it’s true I’d be quite happy though.

What am I doing with 2013?


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