Money can’t buy me love.

(Sorry ’bout the cheesy title the song has been stuck in my head for the entire day.)

So, here is my “2012-is-going-to-be-over-in 22-minutes-and-30-seconds-so-let’s-do-a-sentimental-review-of-the-year-and-set-some-typical-unrealistic-2013-resolutions-like-everybody-else” post.

I stepped into 2012 intoxicated by a mix of alcohol and romance. I was ambitious to make 2012 a blast, a turning point for myself. Well, technically, life did take a pretty drastic turn, but unfortunately not in the direction that I intended it to sail towards.

Quoting a line from my 31/12/11 post:

Made the worst mistakes this year.

This is a classic example of how things get worse. But fear not, for “tomorrow will be a better year”. 

Surely, this year was an extremely eventful year. March and July being the climaxes, and August the usual month of detachment. We fell down, picked ourselves up, and fell apart, like it was all planned out.

“Trying” anything and everything has always been my cup of tea. I have always had this desire to experience everything. Break the rules, be unconventional. I like to think that one of the roads less traveled eventually leads to a place no one ever set foot on – a peak or an abyss, it doesn’t matter too much to me, yet. In 2013, I will continue to march into the wilderness. Nothing ventured, nothing gained; No guts, no glory.

This rabbit hole that I accidentally fell into somewhere in the middle of 2012 led me to a future I never expected. Wonderland or not, I will find out in a fortnight’s time. I wish to hope for the best, while I can still hope.

It’s 00:00 here right now and multiple consecutive explosions are happening in the sky outside my window. Some people scream, while others roar their engines in attempt to harmonize. This is 2013, even though it feels more like the belated apocalypse.

I think that it is only appropriate that I insert some “2013 resolutions” now.

Speak properly – one tough one.

Read, and read into each book.

Make 2013 count.

Judge less, listen more.

Count blessings.

That should do. Quality over quantity, always.

What I am really quite excited about 2013 is actually using my 2013 planner and desk calendar, as shallow as it sounds. Of course, school is something to look forward to though I am feeling a little apprehensive. Hopefully, I can get my own vehicle soon and also maybe pathing a good way to the soon coming adulthood. I mean, this may sound pretty distant right now but a year will be over yet again before we notice it, no? While I seize the last bits of my teenage years and devour every bit of it like a passionate lover, perhaps it is also time to start sowing seeds of responsibility in myself.

I have wiped the slate clean, 
No more reminders from the past.
Memories of what I have been, 
Have vanished at long last.
I look forward to my future new, 
Where all is territory strange.
Soon I will be among the few, 
That plans their life at long range.
I see my life laid out at my feet, 
New friends shall rally at my call.
They will be the first I will greet, 
At this my welcoming ball.
Soon all memories will depart, 
Of a past left well behind.
I will get off to a new start, 
With the best of mankind.
A New Start • Bernard Shaw

Bon voyage.


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