Double up.

Why is green the new colour? Why? I have yet to get over maroon! 😦 Was gonna get this green pair of denim from zara (instead of the beautiful maroon because fucking green is the 2013 colour) but the queue was too long. 😦 It’s so comfy like it’s made to love my legs. And this green top. And this maroon top. And this gray top. 😥

Anyway, shopping no-spree spree today. I like shopping for clothes on my own. Love. No stress about making people wait for me while I try the shit out of everything I wanna try. Got my knit bag too! Hehe. Sale everywhere still and I can’t believe every single piece I bought in F21 (I have recently come to appreciate cheap clothes since the existence of this thing called budget thrown at my face) costed more than others I got from like topshop and P&B. That defeats the purpose of shopping in F21. And I got 2 F21 mesh bags. What am I supposed to do with them?

I am really hungry but it’s 12+AM so I’m just gonna chope chope and finish up this post and go to sleep.

Oh I went to WMS today! All the little kids with long skirts and high socks and neat hair and white shoes and toot bags. Then I thought about good (not really) ol’ S1 orientation days. I was probably quite a noob-looking toot. Alright those were quite terrible days that I don’t want to think about. Just hoping that 2 weeks later I can miraculously kick the awkwardness out of myself! Think positive.

M1 called. Lol son of a bitch. I don’t even know if I have money in my back for the GIRO because the bill is oh-so-insane.




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