I am still in shock because my presence just activated my house alarm which is loud as fuck and it gave me a hugeass shock.

Carried out my glitter jar project and it was not successful. I have this cloudy jar of thing here now and I don’t have enough glitter. Should have just grabbed two more bags. I shall make a tips&tricks post after I’m done with it.

So I went to IPC today to get glitter at Popular and I managed to buy Lovely Bones at 7.90MYR *gasps*. There is this offer thing and I was gonna buy The Kite Runner as well (because it’s 7.90MYR!) but I decided to buy Tiger’s Wife because I haven’t seen the book before and I know I will eventually get Kite Runner so yeah. 2 books, 15.80MYR, and that’s like less than 7SGD. *cues mass gasping*

And I bought cute handmade bracelets. ^^ Even the bracelets were more expensive than the books. And I think it is worth mentioning that the U.P. of the version of Lovely Bones I bought is 60.00MYR. So I told mom that and she was like “oh” instead of going on and on and about how I’ve been buying books but not reading. Heh. “It was 60 and now it’s 7 (c’mon anybody would round the 90cents down) so I had to buy it.”

I have baby carrots. Nom. Mom was like “Are you sure they eat it raw?” and I was like “Yeah duhh it says ready to eat. People on the TV eat it raw.” and she went “Are you sure they weren’t bunnies?”. I hope nobody was eavesdropping on us.

Had a family karaoke session this evening. Super cute. I am comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one with atrocious singing in the family. It must be genes. (But mom sounds super good singing Malay songs I think her secret kinky name is Fatimah.)

This shit has 5k+ notes:

Fucking tumblr is fucking insane.

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