Fluffy white clouds.

Hello! Back from KPP and waiting for dinner. That was one traumatising experience. I mean, not the course of the class but more like the surrounding. The toilet was absolutely horrifying. The thought of it makes me want to throw up rhrn. The whole thing was in Malay and I was lost after the first hour. My conversational Malay is near the state of hopelessness. Like Chinese, I can always deal with written Malay better. I can write okay stuff in Malay but to speak it out without sounding like I’m reading off a textbook is almost impossible. Actually I don’t mind doing the test in Malay.

Anyway, the guy that gave the lecture played an Islamic song of some sort near the end of the break and I actually thought it was quite nice! I mean, my impression of Islamic stuff has always been mainly formed by the prayer song over some massive speaker a few minutes before 7.30PM. So the fact that it was in English, a language I actually understand, kind of caught my attention. And it was actually quite a cute song that reminded me quite a bit of our Christian worship songs.

I am mildly hooked to this:


I was actually learning the chorus part. Yeah including the part in … whatever language it’s supposed to be called.

Apparently it’s Christmas Eve! It so doesn’t feel like it. Merry Christmas!


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