I’ll meet you there someday.

I have successfully resisted my mother’s attempt to tempt me. I deserve a standing ovation.



Went out this morning (noon, really) for brunch and wandered around 1U doing random shopping and I got clothes, teehee. I was gonna ask dad to pay for this pair of cute ALDO but mom was going all “you already got your shopping money” so I didn’t get it 😡 It was on sale! 😥 Anyway, managed to grab some clothes at bershka and books from mph (I was gonna get more because they have such an impressive collection of lit-fic and their books are all nicely wrapped up but I still have so many unread books but but but). Had instant noodles for dinner. So much for driving down to Klang for fresh pomfret, not that I was really excited for it. I was actually kind of dreading it so, yay!

I was gonna buy these BAGGU lookalikes (I forgot the name!) which were selling at normal BAGGU prices so I don’t think they are trying to be fake BAGGU but… 😦 Soon!

I have been getting scratches all over myself from stupid things like bumping into the bed and accidentally cutting myself while attempting to wash a knife and just now I actually scratched myself with a key. There is something wrong with my muscles. No, I mean like seriously. I have been having random spasms and it’s actually getting quite annoying/creepy. I shall google on that soon. Like, soon. Yeah.

Saw a few cute Jansports at some shop just now and I regretted buying the UO one but it’s already shipped. It’s like neon pink and the material looks like denim-ish stuff but I know better than to buy some sharp-looking bag that can end up embarrassing sometimes after my white polka dot on purple background bag. Do you know how awkward it is to be a Sec4 girl carrying the same bag as a P2 girl in the same uniform? Outside the school, together? One more day in the uniform and no more maternity wear till … I hope never. Maybe I will miss it. Maybe. One of the few things that I will miss about MG is the free license to sit around any way you like in a skirt because now I can’t even do that in shorts. I am having difficulties sitting properly comfortably.

Have yet to get started on my glitter jar project. Soon!

(How many times have I typed “soon”?)

Time to clear shit out of my wardrobe so that it stops giving my mom the impression that I have a lot of clothes because I really have nothing to wear, at all.

Okay today I saw this girl with the most perfect curl that I have ever seen live in my entire lifetime. It’s so perfect. It’s not at all dry, and the curls are so beautiful she looks like she probably just did the curls on her own naturally perfect hair. Good news: she isn’t pretty. I mean, she has nice legs but her face is just … mehh. So, yay! There’s still hope in humanity, maybe. 🙂

I got reminded of Barbara Palvin. Allow me to spaz over this goddess for a little while.



She’s so hot and cute and pretty at the same time and that’s not supposed to be humanly possible.




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