You’re the one that I want.

What’s up bitches the world ain’t ending, is it?


Can I just say that I am completely disgusted by guys that leave one or two of their fingernails super-ultra-mega long? I happened to come across this photo of a guy’s hand on Facebook and boy, that was sick. I honestly do not understand what’s so cool about having nails ridiculously long especially when you don’t paint it or do anything fancy to it or even clean it. I mean, unless you’re trying to make a fashion statement … no, boys, no.



No, just no.

Anyway, it’s the tang yuan day!

NOKIA Lumia 900_000004

That was a fuckload of tangyuans. It was actually my lunch, so yeah. We so traditional oh yeah.

Here’s something quite interesting: I was actually involved in the death of a mosquito earlier today. So I was in my bathroom showering and I noticed this insect trying to push its way through the mosquito net of my toilet window. I was actually kind of worried that it would make it because I noticed quite a number of mosquitoes around the house lately (and mosquitoes fucking love me). I conveniently flicked the mosquito net and the mosquito got bounced back a little and somehow fell and got trapped in this spider web at the window that I never got around to get rid of. So while I was shampooing my hair I was just watching this mosquito struggling in the spider web (boy, they have really long legs!) and then this yellow spider appeared almost instantly after the mosquito was trapped. It was quite an interesting moment for me because imagine a girl shampooing her hair in the bathroom while watching a spider crawling over its prey. NOKIA Lumia 900_000000

Quite interesting, no? I guess if I hadn’t flicked the net, the mosquito wouldn’t have died. I felt a little bit bad because the mosquito was most likely a mother mosquito out hunting for blood to nourish her baby eggs so now not only do the eggs not have nutrients to help them grow, they don’t even have a mother. 😦 I am an accomplice of a cruel murder.

Watched Bruce Almighty and Abduction today! Lautner’s face is so … weirdly structured. I mean, he has a hot body and all but I seriously think that his acting skills need some intense polishing and his eyes are so small and honestly speaking I don’t think his face is attractive at all. It was quite a dumb show even though two of them were quite sweet. The plot was pretty lame but the bits and pieces of intense stuff and cute romance made it an okay show to sit through. And I watched this HK movie which, now that I think about it, is quite cliché with the rich guy and poor girl thing but it was quite funny, so. They are so cute! I’m OD-ing on media-polished romance stuff. I just realised how lame this entire paragraph really is.

I haven’t seen my dad for the entire day I honestly have no idea what he is doing in the room maybeinventingamassiveangyuanmadeofbedsheetlolyouneverknowwhatdadsdo.

I am really sleepy. Mum bought a fuckload of groceries, enough to last us through 3 months of war if anything happens, or so she said. She’s apparently stocking up for post-election in case riots happen and they implement curfews but lol I think truth is that there was a sale at the supermarket. Shhh.

P/S: After re-reading this entire post I kind of judge myself for being so full of fucking shit. Typical bullshit blogpost about life but I ticked the right category so suck it up, bitches.


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