It all start with one.

Let the poking war begin.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 8.23.55 PMThis girl is one year younger than me. I’m 16. For the benefit of those who cannot understand the above chunk of Chinese, I shall personally translate it for you instead of relying on the lameass browser translater. -clears throat-

I’m sorry I hurt you again.

I’m always hurting someone again and again,

after this, I’m not going to get into a relationship ever again…

Thank you for all the memories you gave me, they are unforgettable,

so let me keep remembering them ^^

I hope you will find one that is very, very good, and the one that you want from the bottom of your heart

Forget me, I’m not worth it…

#I love you, I love you, really love you ❤


I’m at the verge of throwing up I can’t believe I just typed that. In case you are too blind to notice, or too grossed out to remember, this is an actual facebook status. It appeared on this thing called a news feed. I guess when it comes to this kind of thing, it has to be relatable to you when you read it in order to not gross out and die or roll your eyes till they fall out of your sockets. Good try, girl. I hope you discover some other more discreet channel to release these feelings stuff in the near future. Hey, wait, you’re not getting into a relationship anymore ever again … (but there’s no apocalypse yet! oh no!) Well then, good luck being single for another few decades!

I want to see this with my own eyes:

Crystal Cave, Sequoia National Park.

Looks like fucking amazing stuff.

I actually thought the gif was funnier and cooler but here we have the original video cause I don’t know where the gif is anymore.

Story of my life or what?

I think Hilary Duff is so pretty. Good ol’ Lizzie McGuire days. :’)

This post is like a post made up of random shit from tumblr. Sorry not sorry.


Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 9.14.02 PM

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